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Sound Mass [12" vinyl + digital download]
My Education / Theta Naught

Harmonic Motion: Volume III

Sound Mass [digipack CD]
My Education / Theta Naught

Harmonic Motion: Volume III

il de' blues [digipak CD]

the second of vonneumann's "il de" set

Omnium-Gatherum [digipack CD]
Theta Naught

Theta Naught's Latest Release

il de' metallo [CD]

the first of vonneumann's "il de" set

Naught Christmas [CD]
Theta Naught

Theta Naught's Holiday Album

Beyond The Sea, Beneath The Sky [CD]
I Hear Sirens

I Hear Sirens' First Full-Length

Easily Misunderstood [CD]
The Samuel Jackson Five

SJ5's Second Release

I'm So Happy On This Boat [CD]

Kovlo's First Release

Same Same, But Different [CD]
The Samuel Jackson Five

SJ5's First Release

Harmonic Motion: Volume 1 [CD]
You.May.Die.In.The.Desert + Gifts From Enola

10 Tracks - 5 from YMDITD, 5 from GFE

SOUND WEAVE = Theta Naught + Alex Caldiero [2CD]
Theta Naught's third release (2006). Includes two discs.

ABACUS - Theta Naught [CD]
Theta Naught's second release (2004).

Theta Naught's first release (2003). Originally recorded as two EPs.


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